When I was detected Covid-19 Positive…

It was the month of October 2020 and I was just moving around buying stuff for home as it was covid times and we had to keep stock at home. It all started with a mild cough and cold where I started taking medicines to ensure I don't get detected with anything. It was going all well for when past few days I couldn’t smell anything.

That was a state of shock for me as I tried to smell food, flowers, perfume but in vain. It was an indication that I need to get myself tested and was praying and hoping it doesn’t come positive. There was positive energy all over the house and families as nothing would come. I took all precautions being at home with elderly parents slept separately, washed hands, cleaned every surface I touched. And on a Monday morning when I get a call from the team I have been detected positive I just broke into pieces.

It was like a cloud thundering over my head with thoughts of now what next. Everyone was stressed and I had to take a decision for myself and my family. So I decided to head to the hospital myself. With sisters and friends help got everything arranged within 2 hours and moved out all alone with everyone co-ordinating from their homes.

That’s where I told myself, “ Life is a journey, accept as it comes.” Everything was arranged in the Kohinoor Hospital for me except the first day had to be spent in the general ward. That was something which I took as a challenge as no one around you yourself have to be strong. Hats off to doctors, nurses, and peons who were with you facing it day in and out with patients. Had been given all possible vitamins and injections as no one knew what would work on your body.

The first day, I was in tears because inside thoughts kept killing me what if something happens to me here and I don’t survive. The stories of covid were something hammering me daily. Initial 7 days were in pain and worry but then when the second test also was positive I didn't know what to do as they wouldn’t leave me till I was negative. I spent my days in the hospital eating good food and increasing my immunity. On the 14th Day is when I was tested negative and back home with my family which brought me back to life.

Today as I write this story I am still not able to smell and there is no solution to it yet. I don’t know when and how this would come back but no worries I have my family and friends who tell me how it smells. If you have also been a covid patient share your thoughts we all are sailing in the same boat and maybe sharing can help us lighten up the mood and pass positive thoughts.